Trike 4 Media - Street Promotions Australia
Street Promotions has exclusive rights to these unique custom built advertising trailers perfectly matched to our impressive motorcycle trikes. Take your campaign to the next level and ensure it is seen as it roars through a city near you.
Trike 4 media, motorcycle advertising, mobile media, alternative street marketing, advertising that's different, advertising that's loud, advertising inspiration,
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Trike 4 Media

When bigger is better, Street Promotions dominates the city streets with this newly launched medium leaving all scooters in their wake. Trike 4 can accommodate three Brand Ambassadors and a pilot meaning sampling and custom experiential activations are handled with ease.


Trike 4 Media is the perfect promotional activity for the streets of Australia. It’s person-centred, healthy, affordable and eco-friendly – everything we Australia’s care about. It can access hard to reach places with high foot traffic and is a real head turner.