Floor Decals for your brilliant campaign - Street Promotions
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Floor Decals

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    If you’re looking for attention-grabbing marketing ideas to wake the Phone Zombie, floor decals could be perfect for your next marketing campaign on street and sidewalk. Our floor decals are adhesive, thin vinyl stickers that are slip-resistant and durable. With a thin profile that ensures that they don’t impede pathways and slip-resistant vinyl construction guarantees, they can withstand heavy foot traffic.


    The average Australian spends 5.5 hours a day looking at their phone. Given that stat, your customers are more likely to be looking down at their phones than up. That makes custom floor decals a clever marketing tactic for your business. Plus, their 2D nature means that you can put them in the most high-traffic areas without obstructing movement.


    Street Promotions Australia has many years of experience supplying and installing floor decals to street and pavement. We’re excited to assist you as well. Whether you’re targeting suburban footpath prints, bicycle path stickers, pedestrian path street decals we have every base covered. Get in touch with our team today.

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?

    Why Choose Us?

    Cool Street Team

    We provide a professional engaged street teams that ensure your ideas becomes a reality.


    Our partners love that we take care of printing, production & distribution delivering a hassle free service.

    Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

    We believe that everyone is equal so support us in supporting a diverse workforce.

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?