Street Posters - Street Promotions Australia
Street Promotions, with 22 years of experience in providing street and rock posters in all Capital Cities of Australia we provide an all-inclusive service - design, print & distribution. Check out our testimonials - we are the best.
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Street Posters

With over 18 years of professional street poster experience, your advertising campaign can be executed in all states of Australia including selected regional centres across New Zealand.


Street Promotions staff ensure maximum visibility and impact for your budget by devising targeted promotions based on traffic statistics, site listings and map coverage. Our own street teams distribute posters in each state which allows complete control over the execution and reporting of your campaign.


With Street Promotions, you can be sure you have chosen the most effective on-the-street media company offering the best coverage, service and price. Talk to us and we’ll take the hard work out of your next Street Poster Campaign.


We are also continually investing in new high profile sites, with super sites in high traffic areas like Paramatta Rd, Annandale available for exclusive leasing.


* 2 & 4 panel, now with capabilities for 6, 8 & 12 and 24 sheet panels


Street Posters having been the preferred method of marketing events, bands, services and goods for centuries. When attention is so hard to keep – consider Street Posters because they are effective in any time, in any place.