Light Projections - Street Promotions Australia
Light projections make your message more memorable and entertaining in front of the eyes of hundreds of thousands of peek hour commuters.
Light projections, digital projections, outdoor projections, building projections, light projections for business, street projections, political
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Light Projections

People stuck in cars and cabs in the late peak-hour traffic, or walking to their favourite hang-out on a Friday or Saturday night – what a great time to capture their attention with a spectacular Light Projection on the Cityscape. StreetPA’s unique and eye-catching Light Projections are an exciting way to get people talking about your product or brand. Each one is individually produced to either create brand awareness, launch a new product or simply get a message to the masses. Light Projections can traditionally alternate between up to six still images, new technology allows for full video graphics to be easily displayed meaning it is now possible to transfer your TVC across to this medium.