Creative Street stencil - Street Promotions
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Street Stencil

Creative. Strategic. Effective.

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    Brand awareness on your way

    Creative marketing campaign with our street stencil

    Whether you require logo reinforcement outside Universities, TAFE’s, clubs or retail outlets, coverage of selected streets or blanket coverage in high pedestrian traffic locations, you can be sure Street Promotions will execute your Street Stencil campaign strategically with digital photos of each location supplied on completion. We use local artists and stencil installers to support the creative arts.


    Street Stencils can be a simple logo or URL through to large complex colour branding campaigns. As stencils are easily designed, and output lead-times are 3-4 days, this medium is perfect for last minute branding campaigns.

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?

    Why Choose Us?

    Cool Street Team

    We provide a professional engaged street teams that ensure your ideas becomes a reality.


    Our partners love that we take care of printing, production & distribution delivering a hassle free service.

    Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

    We believe that everyone is equal so support us in supporting a diverse workforce.

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?