Services - Street Promotions Australia
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All our Services

Quality. Affordable. Fast.

With over 20 years of experience executing marketing campaigns, we are here to offer you a wide range of services.

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    Street Posters

    With over 22 years professional street poster experience, your advertising campaign can be executed in all states of Australia including selected regional centres across New Zealand.

    Brand Activation

    Our staff ensure maximum visibility and impact for your budget by devising targeted promotions based on traffic statistics, site listings & map coverage.

    Store and Cafe Distribution

    Store and Cafe distribution of flyers, posters or postcards is a great (and more importantly, economical) way to reach your consumers.

    Pole Posters

    Whether you’re promoting a small band venue, a theatre group or a large multinational company, Pole Posters are a high impact, visually stimulating medium that is reaching the masses.

    Street Stencil

    Street Promotions will execute your Street Stencil campaign strategically with digital photos of each location supplied on completion.

    Coasters & Coffee Cups

    Street Promotions has produced and distributed Bar Coasters and Coffee Cups througt Australia for 10+ years.

    Trike 4 Media

    When bigger is better, Street Promotions dominates the city streets with this newly launched medium leaving all scooters in their wake.

    Sand Sculptures

    This eye catching, unique platform serves as a blank canvas to build your experiential campaign around.

    Enviro Cycle Pods

    Unique, innovative interactive billboards that respond. Humanised advertising that is sustainable with no burning of carbon emissions.

    Floor Decals

    If you’re looking for attention-grabbing marketing ideas, street and sidewalk decals could be perfect!

    Human Billboard

    Street Promotions staff are turned into your Walking Billboard moving with the flow of pedestrians to ensure maximum visibility to your Brand.


    Corflutes are quick to produce and are a durable signage option perfect for ambushing selected areas to create instant visual impact.

    Light Projection

    Street PA’s unique and eye-catching Light Projections are an exciting way to get people talking about your product or brand.

    Print and Production

    Competitive pricing and fast turn around for all your offset, digital and screen printing requirements.

    Full Campaign

    Contact our team for consultation on how you can maximise your brand and expose yourself to your target audience.

    Mix & Match

    If you don't need a campaign, you can mix & match for a two or three pronged attack. Get Exposed. Ask us how.