Outstanding Pole Posters - Street Promotions Australia
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Pole Posters

Your Ad In the spotlight

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We want to partner with you.

    Posters stuck to poles, stuck to minds

    Our Street Teams follow the light to make your brand shine.

    Whether you’re promoting a small band venue, a theatre group or a large multinational company, Pole Posters are a high impact, visually stimulating medium that is reaching the masses.


    Street Promotions has printed and distributed Pole Posters in and around Sydney, and in selected regional areas for over 15 years. We have found that they are an integral part of most art and entertainment clients’ marketing strategies, so we make this medium accessible and affordable to everyone with a minimum quantity of only 100 required. Get in touch with our team today.

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?

    Why Choose Us?

    Cool Street Team

    We provide a professional engaged street teams that ensure your ideas becomes a reality.


    Our partners love that we take care of printing, production & distribution delivering a hassle free service.

    Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

    We believe that everyone is equal so support us in supporting a diverse workforce.

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?