Exciting Brand Activation - Street Promotions
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Brand Activation

Creative Marketing campaigns

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    Build Brand awareness with our Brand Activation activity

    Street Promotions get your brand on the streets of your next customer.

    We use highly professional brand ambassadors to represent your company. We’ve used clowns to create brand awareness for mobile phones, stilt walkers to promote retail outlets, youth street teams to excitedly unwrap new cars – we’ve done it all!


    In a highly competitive environment, we can help you obtain your customer attention and leave your brand marked in their memory thanks to our ability to deliver all sort of Brand activation campaign.

    Nothing is out of the ordinary for Street Promotions when it comes to effectively increase your brand awareness and loyal customer base with innovative brand activations and street campaigns.

    Street Promotions has the experience and creative solutions to build, manage and execute your brand activation campaign. All our ambassadors are well mannered, energised and well-spoken, so you can trust that your message is received and understood.


    Let us know what we can do for you today! Get in touch .

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?

    Why Choose Us?

    Cool Street Team

    We provide a professional engaged street teams that ensure your ideas becomes a reality.


    Our partners love that we take care of printing, production & distribution delivering a hassle free service.

    Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

    We believe that everyone is equal so support us in supporting a diverse workforce.

    Would you rather a different way to activate your Brand?